The non-wedding dress…

I am not getting married. Please calm down. I am but a child.

However, I am in fact going to three wedding this summer – yes I am aware, the end is nigh.

And of course, as soon as the invitation landed on my doorstep, actually my boyfriend’s doorstep, the thought of ‘what the fuck are you going to wear’ took over my life.

Now, why this matters so damn much to me I simply have no idea, but my brain has been in overload, and it’s hit a problem…

I have two main looks, much like Scotland only really has two main seasons – arctic frost, and our balmy summers of 17degrees. This means in terms of clothes, I have black for winter, and chiefly white for summer. While this means that I am set for any the black and white parties, greek holidays, and quite frankly funerals – I am in no way prepared for a funeral, I mean wedding.

I am not mentally prepared either. Every single dress I like and put in my little favourites box on ASOS is white, which you simply can not apparently wear to a wedding, or black which makes you look like you are in mourning for the poor couple in question’s relationship – maybe I am. That’s a little pessimistic, but you get my gist.

To be continued…


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