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photoI’m damn sorry for being so predictable. I’m aware that everybody and their mother has a lifestyle styly blog. But it is a Monday, and that means that I am attempting to soldier on with my worthless (insert many other disparaging adjectives here) dissertation, and I need a distraction other than binge watching House on Netflix.

I am currently at my parents as with University, I study at the University of Glasgow by the way, work, and my food blog I never get to see my Mum and Dad, and I like them so its important to me. It’s not a nice day in Glasgow so I thought I would make myself a little pot of tea, and a nice cheese toastie to start the day off. Behind my delicious toastie in the above photo you can, unfortunately, see my dissertation books. I am discussing Hollywood novels of the early half of the twentieth century and their relation with death. Sounds chirpy, right?

Here is a little 8track playlist that I am using to ease the pain.

Homework at Hogwarts
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